The difference between being for something, rather than against

In response to some of the questions we’ve been receiving regarding Clear Cut Love’s environmental position:

Clear Cut Love is a romantic comedy. Filled with quirky characters, its storyline is primarily about relationships and the mishaps that can occur when two very different people are forced to spend a lot of time together in very close quarters.

CCL’s underlying environmental message is about preserving an environment that is home to thousands of species, including over 200 that are considered ‘species of concern’. It’s about taking care of an ecosystem that enriches all of us, whether as a retreat from the hectic pace of the city, or as one in a system of rainforests on our planet that serve as lungs for the entire world.

This funny, magical, and heartfelt story is not against loggers and logging, but rather, is about reconciliation and overcoming differences between diverse cultures, for the good of all. A revolutionary idea whose time has come.

There have been many crises that human beings have faced in our relatively short history on Earth, but never has there been one of such magnitude as the current degredation of our global environment. If I can help in even a small way by pouring my soul into this project, I will end my life with the satisfaction of knowing that I did my best.

Your support of this very deserving project can be one of the ways in which you are helping to be “part of the solution.” A win for everyone and everything.

Many timber companies are recognizing the importance of sustainable logging practices and are now adopting this as their standard operating procedure. Not a radical notion, but common good sense — plain and simple, with a radically different outcome for our forests. Where once there were barren landscapes, now there are vast areas filled with diverse life-forms and a healthier forest, all-around.

Species of concern have a chance to survive and thrive in these tended forest gardens.

Clear Cut Love is in communication with one such lumber company that is interested in coordinating with us in support of the production.

How cool and sustainable is that ?!

To help move us toward our goal of raising seed-money for this great project, please visit our IndieGoGo campaign site and pledge generously. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped bring this story to life.

Thank you. ~Lora



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3 Responses to The difference between being for something, rather than against

  1. How interesting we’ve found each other on Twitter. I’m very passionate about trees and all living things, including Mother Earth. Thank you for helping our brothers and sisters of wooden limb.

    • flairCreativ says:

      Hello Sidney.
      Thanks for connecting across platforms and for supporting what we’re doing with Clear Cut Love — a remarkable screenplay by Tanner Givnan.
      We are in the process of developing a presentation. Everything is being kept under wraps until that big event, planned for mid-March.
      Good to know you and appreciate that you’ve taken a moment to comment. Keep in touch and let me know about your creative projects.
      Also, you can learn more about CCL on (Same is true for flairCreativ.) Hope to see you there!
      Good to know you and appreciate that you’ve taken a moment to comment.
      Thanks again!

      • My pleasure, Lora. I’m here on SM to be of service in any way I can. Independent film is my passion and it’s wonderful to also connect with you. Sorry about Facebook, but I’ll never been friends with it. Zuckerberg is all I’m going to say about that. Absolutely. The best way to keep abreast of what’s happening in my world is to take a peak at my Word Press site. I also have a dot com, both addresses are on my Twitter profile: @CinemaProfound, which you have kindly followed me on. It was a pleasure for me to reciprocate, and yes, let’s do keep in touch!

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