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Announcing a new project!

  Green Feathers… The unlikely story of Native American logging by Tanner Givnan The Green Feathers production team is dedicated to sharing the heartbeat of a story that is seldom heard, yet speaks to the history of Oregon and the … Continue reading

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Big News In The Forest

On pins and needles waiting for word on our big new announcement! In the meantime, I’m simplifying the format in preparation for big changes ahead. -Lora R Fisher

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The difference between being for something, rather than against

In response to some of the questions we’ve been receiving regarding Clear Cut Love’s environmental position: Clear Cut Love is a romantic comedy. Filled with quirky characters, its storyline is primarily about relationships and the mishaps that can occur when two … Continue reading

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IndieGoGo Campaign Off & Running Down The Trail

  After weeks of prep, we are ‘live’ on IndieGoGo! It was a frenetic week leading up to the launch with screenwriter Tanner Givnan working round the clock to complete the video. We hit a snag about five days out, with … Continue reading

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Clear Cut Love Trailer In Process …

 Clear Cut Love by Tanner Givnan is the story of a stunningly brilliant and stunningly gorgeous tree-sitter, a handsome (and conflicted) prep-school-polished journalist, loggers, environmentalists,  and the Tillamook people who live and work in Oregon’s Tillamook State Forest.  Filled with hilarious plot-twists, double entendres, and … Continue reading

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