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Big news …

Confirmed this morning: renowned composer and beloved regional and national performer Michael Allen Harrison will be developing the original score for Clear Cut Love … !

CCL Team has been holding its collective breath for a few days now, waiting to find out if this was, indeed, true. Michael made the happy announcement this morning on KOIN TV’s  Studio 6, where he was guest host.

Thrilling news! A great way to have your morning coffee.

Michael Allen Harrison delivers music to the heart. His classical contemporary style carves a distinct niche of timeless music that has connected with so many during his two-and-a-half decade career.

Not only is Michael one of the most respected among a wealth of Portland composers and performers, he’s also actively engaged in The Snowman Foundation, a program that he developed which has raised over 2 million dollars for music education. “Ten Grands”, an annual fundraiser, features Michael and 9 other pianists as they perform together on ten grand pianos to benefit the mission of The Snowman Foundation.

We know that Michael will compose a brilliant score. I can hear it already.



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