Production Notes …

6|30|2011 by Lora R Fisher

New Developments …

Two HUGE announcements:

Portland’s own Michael Allen Harrison
has signed on to compose the score for
Clear Cut Love !!!

This is fabulous news and a true vote of confidence from one of the region’s most respected musicians.  

Team ClearCutLove is thrilled to welcome him to the team as Composer and
Associate Producer.


The second piece of news …

Grammy and Native American Music Award
winning international vocalist,
songwriter, peace activist, and educator
Joanne Shenandoah, has expressed interest in contributing her voice and songs to
the score. 

It is truly an honor to have both of these
magnificently talented individuals working
with us to make this an unforgettable film.

We are understandably bursting with pride!

 “Shenandoah has become one of the most
critically acclaimed Native American singers
of her time.” -Associated Press

Michael Allen Harrison In His Studio

photo by Tanner Givnan ©2011
Joanne Shenandoah photo courtesy of Ms. Shenandoah


— — — — — — — — —

6|16|11 … Great meeting with Team ClearCutLove yesterday.

Exec. Producer and screenplay writer, Tanner Givnan, and Community Liaison, Venus Maria Braning, and yours truly gathered for lunch and storming brains.

Ideas were flying like squirrels! Wonderful momentum and enthusiasm. Challenging to keep new developments under wraps. A renowned regional composer is considering coming on-board to develop a musical score specifically for Clear Cut Love.

As soon as that is signed off, the trailer for our Kickstarter campaign can be shot and released !!!

Keep checking in. We plan to have frequent updates on our progress.

Being one who loves full-steam-ahead mode, I’m channelling that energy into further developing this blog and bugging friends to ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

Facebook Campaign to Like Clear Cut Love …

1 Like = 1 Real Tree Planted In Your Name …  

Up to 100 Likes … in a real forest, no less.

There’s a new page I want to share with all of my friends. It’s name is Clear Cut Love … CCL is the title of Tanner Givnan’s latest screenplay: a story about loggers, environmentalists, a handsome and conflicted city-slicker journalist, a stunningly brilliant and stunningly gorgeous tree-sitter, and the Tillamook People who live and work in the region of the Tillamook State Forest. Filled with hilarious plot-twists, double entendres, and a grand scenic backdrop, it holds an environmental message that is both urgent and timeless.

Tanner and TeamClearCutLove are working dilligently to bring this story to life with a film to be produced in Oregon using primarily Oregon talent.

Clear Cut Love will be launching a Kickstarter campaign soon, but before that happens, we’re hoping to have at least 100 Likes on their brand-new page.

An added incentive … the first 100 who add their click will get a young Douglas Fir planted in their names.

Please take a moment, visit Clear Cut Love, and add your *Like* to help set us firmly on the trail.

PS … When you check in and find that magic number 100 has been reached, please add yours to the list, too. If we go viral, we may up the number of trees planted!

The more the very merrier!
Lora, Creative Director | Producer, Clear Cut Love™
Director, flairCreativ


Developing Kickstarter campaign …

Soon to be announced ! Check in frequently for updates !


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